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This page contains links to opinions, orders, or memoranda designated by any judicial officer for publication, whether so designated on the judicial officer's own initiative or in response to a request for publication by an interested party. It is the court's policy that all members of the public, including those engaged in publishing court opinions and orders in any medium, should have equal access to materials designated for publication and that use of this page is the most expeditious and efficient means of providing such access.

The access provided by this page is temporary. The web site is not a permanent electronic repository of such materials, and no attempt has been made to summarize them, to categorize them by subject matter, or to provide any mechanism for searching them. Because the materials are transitory, citation to the web site as the place for locating the materials is strictly prohibited. The court intends that any member of the public wanting a copy of an opinion, order, or memorandum (including any publisher) will download it here or obtain it from the clerk's office by paying the usual copying charges. Court staff will no longer copy the materials and transmit them to publishers for publication.

To preserve the exact formatting and style used by the judicial officer in preparing the opinion, order, or memorandum, the materials are available for downloading and/or printing only in Portable Document Format (PDF). This format currently requires that the user have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe Web site. Three alternate ways of organizing the materials are available: by the date on which an opinion is posted to this web site; by judge; or by case number. The user can choose the method of organization by clicking the appropriate button on the next page. More information about the case (the names of counsel, for example) can be obtained from the court's public access system -- PACER.Net.

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